Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Your shoulder is the most flexible joint in your body. It allows you to place and rotate your arm in many positions in front, above, to the side, and behind your body. This flexibility also makes your shoulder susceptible to instability and injury.

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Rotator Cuff Surgery

A rotator cuff tear is a common cause of pain and disability among adults. A torn rotator cuff will weaken your shoulder. This means that many daily activities, like combing your hair or getting dressed, may become painful and difficult to do.

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Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Arthroscopy allows for a quicker and easier recovery from shoulder surgery. It may relieve painful symptoms due to overuse and injury of the shoulder joint.

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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Jim H.

  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement

“I am 85 years old. When I first visited Dr. DuBois, I couldn't raise my right arm above waist level. You don't appreciate all that shoulder does for you until it doesn't function anymore. February 2011 Dr. DuBois performed Reverse Shoulder Replacement surgery. The surgery went well and I returned home the next day. Today I celebrated the two year anniversary of that surgery by visiting his office, as he had requested. Now, months go by without my even thinking about the shoulder surgery. I wouldn't be thinking about it today if the appointment with Dr. DuBois hadn't appeared on my calendar. He did a terrific job and I can't tell you how great it is to have the full use of my shoulder. I would also like to commend his office staff for their courteous, friendly, and efficient service during my recovery period. ”

Jesi J.

  • Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

“I saw Dr. Dubois after several months of shoulder pain and subsequent physical therapy. X-ray and ultrasound were inconclusive as to what the problem might be. We tried cortisone injections and while they helped some, I was still in pain. Surgery was the next logical step to diagnose the problem. Dr. Dubois performed arthroscopic shoulder surgery in November 2012 and found a bad case of bursitis. He performed a subacromial decompression, bursectomy, and did a lot of clean up. The surgery went very well and the recovery has gone very smoothly. Three months later, I feel great! I had forgotten what it was like to not be in pain every day and I'm proud to say I am pain free! Thank you Dr. Dubois! ”

Susan Campion

  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement

“My Sharp orthopedic doctor told me the good and bad news: "You've been athletic all your life and now it's caught up to you." So true. It was on a tee box in a club championship golf game that I finally tore ligaments and tendons and felt the arthritis flare. Originally, my doc wanted to do a rotator cuff repair, providing me with lots of reading on the advantages and disadvantaqges of a shoulder replacement. I was in the midst of writing a book and gave up surgery temporarily, opting for physical therapy, acupuncture and Advil instead. After two years, I wanted back on the golf course - and I was in pain. Two MRI's convinced my doc - a shoulder replacement it is! And, he referred me to the specialist he felt was "the best." After I googled and researched, I was convinced he was the best as well. Lo and behold, I discovered that two of my good friends had successful shoulder replacement surgeries from him as well. We all got into a Dr. DuBois Love Fest and I invite you to join us. Everything about this surgery was easy! The pre-op meetings, the surgery, the post-op. After just five weeks, I'm doing all sorts of things I never thought I'd do again. Just think about where I'll be in a month....Doesn't hurt that Dr. DuBois is also young, handsome, good-looking and has a delightful personality. My hubby thinks he's great as well LOL! ”

Peggy D.

  • reverse shoulder replacement

“It has now been a year since my surgery. My husband and I are amazed at the range of motion I have. Before my surgery I could not lift my arm and I was in constant pain. I am pain free and I have nearly normal range of motion. If anyone has any doubts about having this surgery, they should not have any worries.”

Mike H

  • Total Left Shoulder Replacement

“After having both rotator cuffs repaired in 2012, I couldn't finish my rehab of my left shoulder due to advanced and very painful arthritis. My then surgeon referred me to Dr. DuBois, telling me he's the best in town. Dr. DuBois agreed that the shoulder was a mess and we scheduled a total replacement. Being 52 I was glad to have my shoulder back in service, I could barely lift it past my waist. Dr. DuBois is a great surgeon and his staff is top notch. Surgery went great, felt pain relief immediately! Within 2 months post-op, I tried kayaking on Lake Murray and no pain at all!! The surgical shoulder felt better than my other one! Thank you for my life back Dr. DuBois!”

Nancy U.

  • reverse shoulder replacement

“I suffered with right shoulder pain for years. The worst part being unable to sleep at night. I came to the place where no treatment worked and I did not want to to stay on pain medication forever. Dr Dubois did my reverse right shoulder replacement for me 11 weeks ago. I have almost full range of motion, no pain, and most of the time forget that my right shoulder replacement hasn't been a part of me for all my 76 years. The whole thing was "a piece of cake". Thank you Dr. DuBois for your wonderful surgery.”

Peggy H.

  • left shoulder replacement

“In 2011 I started experiencing bad pain in my left shoulder, as time went on the pain go so bad I could hardly raise my hand over my head, I went to see my primary doc and she referred me to Dr. DuBois, after the MRI was all done I was expecting him to tell me I needed my rotator cuff repaired but Dr.Dubois told me I needed my shoulder replaced and I was a bit surprised but since having the replacement I am so happy and pleased with the results, I feel very blessed having been referred to Dr. DuBois he is a kind, caring, very knowledgeable man and I am so happy he did my surgery, I thank you so much Dr.D you are the best.”

Tom D.

  • Total shoulder replacement

“I sustained a work-related injury in 1993 and went through 3 surgeries. I was advised I would eventually need a replacement. Prior to seeing Dr. Dubois, I sought out recommendations from people involved in the surgical replacement hardware industry. Dr. Dubois was recommended as the best shoulder replacement surgeon in San Diego. I was thoroughly impressed from the first time I met him. He explained the procedure clearly and just from the x-rays was able to identify the correct size of the replacement parts.

The surgery was quick and smooth. Within a couple of weeks I was able to sleep throughout the night for the first time since 1993. I am 4 years post-surgery and only wish I had done it earlier. I am able to do things that were missing for over 15 years, playing basketball, throwing a football, swimming, etc.

Dr. Dubois is the best. I highly recommend him for any shoulder issues you are having, and could not imagine trusting a replacement to any other doctor in San Diego.”

Caroline 71 yrs old

  • Reverse right shouder

“Unlike the majority of Dr.D's patients,I had no arthritis,no pain and was completely mobile and in good health. Actually I tripped over a curb in a parking lot and shattered my shoulder. The first Ortho doc I met in the ER said he could not insert a pin because there was nothing to attach it to. Also a normal replacement would not work due to the damage sustained. However he knew a wonderful shoulder surgeon who could put in a REVERSE shoulder replacement. Thus, I met Dr. D. He was very optimistic and eager to help. He worked his magic and assured me that I would get total range of motion if I worked hard and I did. With physical therapy and scores of at home exercises, I reached that goal. I recently had my 1 year checkup and passed with flying colors. I believe Dr. D is as happy as I am.

He is an intelligent,competent,caring doctor. And his office staff was kind, professional and efficient. We are grateful that he chose to practice in San Diego. ”

Beverly Bowen

  • Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement

“Dr. DuBois was recommended by my primary care doctor for my shoulder issue. I was in moderate pain and unable to lift my right arm above my chest. I saw Dr. DuBois in June of 2013 and he recommended, without hesitation, a total reverse shoulder placement, as my rotator cuff was totally detached and thus unrepairable. I was understandably hesitant about such major rework of my shoulder and almost backed out just a week before the surgery. Dr. DuBois said that was of course my choice but he promised that we would be having this same conversation in several months as he was that confident in the appropriateness and ultimate success of his procedure. So, in July of 2013, I had a total reverse shoulder replacement. Boy, was that the best decision ever! I was pain free within two weeks of the surgery and using my arm successfully within two months. It is now a year from my surgery and I can honestly say that I forget that I ever had an issue with my shoulder. That is how completely restored my shoulder is now. I am blessed to have had Dr. DuBois perform my surgery. He is absolutely without doubt the best!

Dr. DuBois certainly takes the time to explain in detail all the pros and cons of his recommendations, along with what to expect after the surgery. His staff and he exhibit the upmost in professionalism but are also truly nice and helpful people. I highly recommend Dr. DuBois' services for any shoulder issues. ”

Sandra L Faleris

  • Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement
Sandra L Faleris's photo

“I am so HAPPY!!!

I tripped and fell hard in a medieval village in France in April 2019. The French Urgent Care was wonderful; when I returned to the states it took a few referrals before I connected with Dr. DuBois.

My shoulder was dislocated and fractured in the opposite direction as the majority of dislocations (I was told). I experienced chronic pain and very little mobility in my left arm for nearly 5 months while going through the insurance and referral process.

Once I got in with Our Hero, Dr. DuBois, he immediately gave me assurance that I would feel much better post-surgery.

The Joint Replacement Clinic and pre-op appts took every fear I had away. I started to look forward to having this surgery. I was given an app to download and a nurse available 24/7 for questions, concerns. WOW!

Dr. DuBois took his time to ensure my replacement parts (LOL) were fitted properly. I was stunned to experience very little pain involved after this surgery. Minimal pain meds and good sleep even wearing the monster sling.

Well it is 6 weeks post-op and I am ECSTATIC! I feel like I was given a "Get Out of Jail FREE" card, as Dr. DuBois gave me exercises to do at home. No PT necessary at this time!!

I am not sure I thanked the doctor and his staff properly. BIG HUGS and GRATEFUL TEARS for each - especially the extremely talented Dr. DuBois!

My husband and I could not be more pleased with the entire experience.

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